Safely do more hand packing with fewer people

  • Form, pack, seal, and code more cases with a single operator.
  • Great Ergonomics: Keep operators safer and more comfortable.
  • Modular Machines: Configure a system to meet your specific needs.
  • HEAVY DUTY for constant, smooth operation with minimal downtime.
  • Invest with confidence…Wexxar has excellent support and an extensive track record with a large variety of applications.

Forming, packing, taping large boxes of pizza shells

Form, Pack and Tape Reams of Paper

Forming, packing, taping and printing ship boxes

Wexxar High Speed Fully Automatic Case Erectors

Positive Durable Case Opening, Richly Field Proven, Extremely User Friendly

  • Wexxar’s Pin & Dome system is the most reliable way to consistently form corrugated boxes without jams.
  • Powerful and simple-to-use interface keeps uptime high and training demands minimal.
  • Multiple models support a wide range of box sizes with both tape and glue closure options.
  • Long, proven track record with thousands of units in the field.
  • Extremely durably built; systems well-supported from the factory and the distributor for years of consistent performance.

Wexxar WF30 Auto Case Erector Operation and Features

Wexxar WF20 Fully Auto Case Erector Features+Benefits

Wexxar Auto Case Erector Feeding Hand Load Station

Interpack Water Activated Paper-tape Machines For Branding and Loss Prevention

Catering To Fulfillment, Produces Tamper-evident Cases, High Visibility Branding

  • Innovative models, proven to greatly reduce pilferage with tamper-evident shipping cases.
  • Excellent low cost branding opportunities with high visibility printed tapes.
  • Machinery AND the tape are comprehensively supported by a leading domestic manufacturer.
  • Generous purchasing incentives are available with tape supply agreement.

Random Taper for Printed Paper Tape

Uniform Taper for Branded Paper Tape

Inline Automatic Paper Tape Machine for Random Size Boxes

Lantech Fully Automatic Case Erectors

Advanced Features, Excellent Value, Comprehensive Technical Support

  • Lantech delivers premium features at a very affordable price.
  • Powered belt infeed positively delivers case blanks into the machine.
  • Positive, stationary flap folding insures square box corners and minimizes jamming.
  • 24/7 domestic phone support from qualified, certified technicians.

Lantech C-300 Fully Automatic Case Erector

Lantech C-400 Case Erector and ID Tech Corner Wrap Labeler

Lantech CI-1000 Linear Feed Auto Case Erector

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